5 tips to keep your white sneakers clean

Who doesn't love a pair of white sneakers? They're like a blank canvas, ready to add a special touch to our outfit. The only problem is that they easily attract dirt and stains. But don't worry, we're here to help! In this article, we'll share five expert tips to clean your sneakers and have them looking like new again!

1 - Detergent and water

2 - Toothpaste

3 - Baking soda and vinegar

4 - Micellar water

5 - Use waterproofing spray

Remember, before you start your cleaning, you should pay attention to the material of your footwear, because certain materials require special care.

Looking for shoe cleaning products? Check them here!


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Crep protect

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Your sneakers didn't get clean? Take them to a professional!

Shoe Clinic

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Re - Shoes

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Now that you know how to clean white sneakers, you have no excuse not to have a pair.Discover our collection of white sneakers:

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