Reasons to buy
footwear made in Portugal

1- Help the national economy

The habit of favoring brands with national production is something that can have more impact than you think. By choosing a model made in Portugal, you are helping the national economy and creating more jobs. If every Portuguese makes this choice, we are making a difference.

2- Support emerging brands

Most of the brands present at S.S are emerging brands, a term used to describe projects that are emerging, with new and original ideas. When you buy from these brands, not only are you helping someone's project to grow, but you are also buying a model with a unique concept that stands out from the rest.

3- Sustainability

Another important factor, are the issues related to sustainability. Portugal is among the most sustainable countries in the world and the fact that the factories and suppliers are close geographically, allows for a smaller ecological footprint. So when you buy a model that you like, you are also helping the environment.

4- Ethical and certified production

The social issues are another reason why you should choose for brands produced in Portugal. Most Portuguese factories are certified and take into consideration ethical and fair values to its workers. When you buy a model made in Portugal, you know that were not disrespected the rights of any of those involved in its manufacture.

Why the footwear made in Portugal is more expensive?

Price is the factor that usually leads us to choose for other products. Many times the footwear made in Portugal is considered too expensive, but this is due to some production factors.

The national productions are made in a minor scale, so if are produced fewer pairs, the manufacturing price of each one will be higher. This issue ends up having a positive side, which is that there is less excess.

Another factor that influences the price of the models is the material quality. It's only possible to produce a quality shoe with quality materials. These materials, although they are more expensive, are the ones that will make your model lasts longer that you wont need too buy another pair soo soon.

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